N Series Equipment Rack

The N-Series Rack provides simple, low cost mounting means for rack-mount equipment in IT environments. Ideal for rack-mount servers, networking, and telecom equipment where security at the individual rack level is not required, The N-Series provide unobstructed airflow and fast, easy access to installed equipment thanks to the non-existence of doors and side panels.

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Free standing equipment cabinet engineered for network switches and cabling • Provides front and rear support for 19”W EIA rack-mount equipment and shelves • For indoor use only, in environmentally controlled areas; may not be used outdoors, in harsh environments or in air-handling spaces • Includes: – Welded steel four-post frame – Equipment mounting rails, two pairs – Leveller feet and floor anchor brackets – Ground terminal block – Baying Kit – Equipment mounting hardware – Network Switch Exhaust Duct (optional) – Cable Management Fingers – Single, perforated front door with swing handle – Double, perforated rear door with swing handle – Two-point door latches with keyed or combination locks – Five-piece top panel: centre panel and four perimeter panels (front, sides, rear) with knock outs – Solid or vented side panels (optional)

N Series Equipment Rack

N Series Equipment Rack Ser18U

N Series Equipment Rack 32U

N Series Equipment Rack 37U

N Series Equipment Rack 42U

 Size    Part No     Dimension 
  18U    61-6018-ND-B    600mm(W) x 1000mm(D) x 18U(H) 960mm 
  22U    61-6133-N2-BM    600mm(W) x 1100mm(D) x 22U(H) 1160mm 
  27U    61-8027-N-B    800mm(W) x 1000mm(D) x 27U(H) 1360mm 
  32U    61-6032-ND-B    600mm(W) x 1000mm(D) x 32U(H) 1650mm 
  37U    61-6137-N2-BM    600mm(W) x 1100mm(D) x 37U(H) 1850mm 
  42U    61-6142-N2-BM    600mm(W) x 1100mm(D) x 42U(H) 2070mm 
    61-6142-N2-BM    600mm(W) x 1100mm(D) x 42U(H) 2070mm 
  47U    61-6047-N14    600mm(W) x 1000mm(D) x 47U(H) 2220mm