what is server rack?

Why buy Server Rack?

Server racks are designed and built to hold servers, computers, monitors, network equipment, kvm switches, production bench test equipment , patch panels and other electronic equipment. Server racks are an extremely important component of any network. Quite often server racks are overlooked as categorized under office furniture or just ‘another piece of hardware’ or shelving. Server racks are used in a variety of industries such as computers/technology, manufacturing, finance/banking, medical and almost any corporate setting that could benefit from vertical storage of equipment and also save valuable floor space and add a professional appearance to your facility. Finding the right server racks can increase the security, protection and ease of management of any network.

Server racks can typically be adapted with adjustable shelves and other components to hold and protect your specific equipment and also be custom ordered and built to your exact specifications. Server racks come in a wide variety of preconfigured design, shapes and sizes. Some options might include features such as power / surge strips, casters, glass doors, and fans.

CX Series Equipment Rack

CX Series Equipment Rack 21U

N Series Equipment Rack

N Series Equipment Rack 32U

Wall Mount Cabinet

Wall Mount Cabinet 6U